Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See

Well, it might not be the most terrifying but it certainly does a good job explaining the climate change issues we all face.

Check out this video on youtube:

An alternative link is:

What may be the scariest thing about the youtube post is the comments. For anyone who thinks that 'consensus' on climate change has been achieved, there is obviously a lot of education left to be done.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The time is approaching for the ISB Earth Award. The award is intended to raise awareness for the environmental issues we face as a society and to inspire students to fight for change. Students from all grade levels are invited to participate. Projects can be individual or collaborative. Past successful projects have incorporated research, action, surveys, or all of the above.

Three prizes in each section (high school, middle school and elementary) will be awarded. First prize recipients receive 5000 baht, second place 2000 and third place 1000. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

For information, please visit: There you will find registration forms, ideas for projects and resources for making your project successful.

Tree Planting

The Green Panther community has been raising money recently to purchase trees for planting and a nursery. The joint fundraising efforts of the elementary and middle school green panthers have raised enough money to plant several dozen trees here at ISB. The nursery will allow the Green Panthers to have a ready stock of seedlings for future plantings here and around Bangkok.

Trees have already been planted in the ISB parking lot and near the track. Tree planting will continue as a collaborative project between older and younger students as well as faculty and parents.

Collaboration is a beautiful thing, especially when it is so green.