Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ISB Varsity Boys Soccer Team goes Carbon Free

Traveling is a part of any sports team and at ISB we sometimes go even a little further. The soccer team will travel to Singapore and KL for matches this season. It would be better for the environment if we didn’t go on these flights at all, however, the teams would not be so happy about that. Therefore, the team did the next best thing; they took steps to offset their carbon emissions for these flights. Working with the PATT foundation they planted trees to soak up and store that carbon. No one is saying this is the perfect solution, but if you are going to take that flight anyway, then at least this helps.

Comments from Coach Rob Heath were:

"The PATT staff did a wonderful job facilitating a perfect win-win scenario for the International School Bangkok Boys Soccer team last Saturday. To offset the carbon we will be emitting on our flights to Tournaments in Singapore and KL, each player paid 400 baht towards the cost of planting 55 trees at the Sri Nakorn Kuan Khan Park. We had a great day out in a beautiful green space very close to the city centre, and we all felt like we had done a little towards making our air cleaner and the world greener. It was great to get our hands dirty and to feel a personal relationship with the young trees as we carefully placed them in the holes and filled in the soil around them."

You can also offset your own flights, your car or yourself if you like. Just visit the PATT site: http://www.plant-a-tree-today.org for more information.

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