Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Vote on Possible Changes

The students in the Environmental Stewardship class are looking at making a few more environmental improvements at ISB. Some of these changes also include healthier food choices and less animal cruelty. However, each change will come at a cost. Relax, we will not force any of this upon you. First, we will educate about the benefits of each and let you take a survey. If more than 50% of the people are against it, it will be dropped. If 50% or more are for it we will take it to another level, but nothing will be rushed.

Some of the changes we are looking at are:
  1. switch to free ranged, organic eggs (not raised in cages)
  2. switch to organic rice
  3. switch to unbleached, recycled napkins
Stay tuned for more info later. Meanwhile feel free to watch some of these videos to learn more.
  • Meet your Meat (warning - this is not easy to watch. Plus they are asking everyone to be vegetarian; which is not our goal. Nevertheless, it shows the animal cruelty taking place on many factory farms. If you are sensitive I would recommend looking at the videos below instead).
  • Store wars - amusing 'Star Wars' animation about organic food.
  • The Meatrix - amusing 'Matrix' animation about animal cruelty. You can also see Meatrix 2 and 2.5
The video below is only part 1 of Meet Your Meat. click the above link to see cruelty to pigs, cows, etc. Again, only view it if you think you can watch it.

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