Monday, January 11, 2010

Eco Trip Info

This weekend 28 MS and HS students will go to Kaeng Kachan National park. Trip includes hiking, rafting, mt. biking, boat tour, tree planting, etc.

Departure date: Friday, Jan 15. Leave ISB 2:00 pm
Return date: Sunday, Jan 17. Leaving site approximately 3:00 and should be back around 6pm.
Bring own tent or share with a friend. Let me know if you really need one.
Transportation: Montri Bus
Participants: we have approximately 28 students
What to take
: Please see below for my general checklist for all trips and things to remember.

General Camping Checklist

· Tent or partner up with someone with a tent. - If you can't get a tent email me to let me know. I can get you one if needed.
· Sleeping bag
· Flash light
· Sun cream, hat, and sun glasses
· Reusable water bottle
· Washing kit (soap, towel, toothbrush & paste)
· Clothes for getting wet and/or swimming
· Clothes for hiking: proper shoes, small back pack
· At night it could be hot or cold so be prepared for both.
· Be prepared for rain
· Snacks (reduce packaging)
· Spending money (about 500 baht)

To be more eco-friendly:

· Flash light without batteries
· Reusable water bottle
· Biodegradable soap
· Non toxic bug spray
· Little to no packaging/litter. We will not use a trash bin. You will keep all of your trash with you throughout trip! So keep it to a minimum.

Other things you can bring:

· Camera
· Phones and iPods are allowed on the trip but can only be used when in the tent and bus.
· No video games please. Use this time to socialize and take a break from technology.
· Pillow

Most important things to remember:
· Positive attitude. Remember you volunteered to go on this trip so enjoy it. Also remember others paid to do this and they want to enjoy it too. Get the most out of the experience.
· Some of you may have never done anything like this and you might not be comfortable with the changes such as sleeping in a tent, being away from mom and dad, different style showers/toilets, different food, getting dirty, etc. Remember it’s all a part of the experience… enjoy it.
· You are a Green Panther. Take some pride in that. You care about the environment... RIGHT? Therefore, don’t just say it; show it in your actions. Clean up after yourself. Pick up trash, clean your dishes, etc. The teacher should not have to remind you to clean the bus or anything else.
· No Mae-baans on the trip. You will have to take care of yourself and show some responsibility and independence. The teachers are there to help when you really need it, but try to do things for yourself first.
· Most trips are new and it is also new for the teacher, thus, we don’t always know what is happening next. Be patient. Sometimes the plan changes and we will inform you when we know. Do NOT keep asking the teacher the same old questions they don’t have the answers to; such as, when will we arrive? Why aren’t we there yet? Remember we want to enjoy the trip too and answering 100 unnecessary questions is NOT fun.

Thank you and please call me if you need any information.
085 837 6825

Kerry Dyke

Student list

1. Justin Hathaway
2. Kira Reau
3. Julie De Meyere
4. Prairie Yooprasert
5. Alex Hill
6. Roni Bar
7. Liam Daly
8. Omer Bareket
9. Regina Durst
10. Kayla McEwen
11. Sarah Corning
12. Maya Ben-Yaacov
13. Ella Peled
14. Mark Huistra
15. Devon Lonigro
16. Angela Lutz
17. Claudia Lutz
18. Natalie Kang
19. JJ Erpaiboon
20. Katie Henderson
21. Cha Patra-Yanan
22. Andy Real
23. Raimy Shin
24. Brian Woo
25. Isabel Francisco
26. Eric Hsiao
27. Jayna Milan
28. Grace S


January, Friday 15,

14:00 Leave ISB for Kaeng Krachan Park
17:00 Arrive the park and camping

January, Saturday 16,

06:30 Get ready to go into THE PARK, 3 pickup trucks will come picking up the group
07:30 Have breakfast
8:30 Leave for the park
09:30 Arrive the park then set up the tents
10:30 Go hiking in Baan Grang Park
12:00 Have lunch ( lunch box)
13:00 Leave for where you are camping
15:00 Free time
16:30 Do some fun activities with the leader/s or tour guide/s from the park
18:00 Have dinner
19:00 Campfire
21:00 Go to bed

January, Sunday 17,

05:00 Get up to get ready
06:00 Bird and nature watching
07:00 Have breakfast
08:00 farewell.
09:00 Leave for the place that do rafting and biking

- Rafting

- Biking

- Tree planting

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