Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do students have the power to change the world?

Carrotmob is a great opportunity for people to come together for change... But it ONLY works if people support it.

How does a Carrotmob work? Watch this video and see if you can figure it out first.

It is people rewarding businesses who make changes for the better. We reward them by going there and shopping on a certain day.

We are doing a carrotmob tomorrow (Friday, April 29), right after school. We will first meet in front of the school and head out from there.
The winner(s) will also be announced there. We need 500 people. If you care about the planet you live on and want to improve it... SHOW UP!

Help us chose a winner. Each synergy group can look through the list and vote on who you think should get 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. Your teacher can send me the votes.

Click here to see what changes each business made.

Hope to see you Friday in front of ISB. Bring some money (small bills please)

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