Monday, October 29, 2007

Elementary Student Council

The Elementary School has a new student council organized into action groups. Grade 5 students identified four key areas for action, and the environment (Green Panthers) was front and centre. In their first two meetings, the new elementary Green Panthers came up with a flurry of proposals and will be working on several issues related to Halloween in Nichada to start.

Future projects will include energy and water conservation measures at ISB and ways to reduce waste in the elementary school.

To echo the sentiments of the student council, please take a look at the following poem from Nadya Rauch, a grade 2 student.

A Tree is Nice

A tree is nice because it seems to
Keep you company when you’re alone.
It gives you a better view, too,
So you can see all of the other beautiful trees.
Trees are nice to play on.
Trees give you lots of juicy fruits.
In the fall, play with all of its colorful leaves!
On a hot summer day, stop at a tree and have a picnic.

Water it each day.

A tree is nice because it gives all of it’s beauty just to you and all of it’s beautiful colors just to you.
Trees are your friend, you see, all in your backyard just for you.
All of its beauty into your life!
All of your care in your tree.
If you listen into the wind you will hear your tree say
Thank you!

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