Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Compass of Sustainability

A few months back, I attended a workshop at NIST and it was about the COMPASS OF SUSTAINABILITY.

When we think of a regular compass, we think of a guiding tool that helps us find our way and give us direction. The Compass of Sustainability has the same goal, but in a different way. Instead of North, South, East, West, the Compass of Sustainability has:

N = Nature
E = Economy
S = Society
W = Wellbeing

The Compass of Sustainability is a reflective, decision-making tool that incorporates sustainability. It was designed to help businesses become sustainable, but is now being used more and more by schools to guide decisions and also used in the curriculum for all ages and subjects.

Currently, it has been experimented with grade 5, 8, Environmental Stewardship class, Global Issues, and some HS classes. Keep your eye on this one as it may grow to something quite important at ISB.

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