Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bio Bus comes to ISB

Andy Pag is traveling around the world and giving an environmental message on the way. However, he is not just saying it; he's living it. He built a bus out of scrap material in a junkyard. If that wasn't enough, the bus runs on bio fuel. However, bio fuel can be very controversial and in many cases, it is worse for the planet and the habitat it destroys for many animals. However Andy isn't supporting the deforestation of rain forest, the oil palm plantations or even fuel made from corn or any other food crop. However, his message is all about using waste. His fuel is actually from waste cooking oil from restaurants.

Off course the bus itself is equipped with other eco products. Most things on the bus are again from waste materials, with a few exceptions such as the solar panel on the roof and the led lights.

Andy left England 14 months ago and has slowly made his way around the world, with one adventure after another. Not all has been positive, the bus has broken down several times due to its age, and the fuel has frozen in cold countries, Andy has been falsely suspected of terrorism in a ridiculous charge and spend some time in jail in India.

However, overall the journey has been worth it and Andy is in no hurry to finish it anytime soon.

Andy spoke with ISB students in 3 presentations held throughout the day and had an audience ranging from grades 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and various HS classes.

Some 6th graders even made a video about the Bio Bus.

To see more go to http://www.biotruckexpedition.com/

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