Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Eco Changes leading up to Earth Week

  • You may have noticed the juice dispensers and new paper cups in the cafeteria. This was to reduce our dependence on plastic bottles for juice. However, now paper cups are used a lot. The cafeteria welcomes the idea of customers bringing their own cup. In the future, we may have more eco friendly disposable cups and maybe a discount for those bringing their own cup.
  • Since the bottled water campaign took place back in October, bottled water usage has dropped of by 66%. Before sales ranged between 1500-1800 bottles a week. Now it is about 500-600/week.
  • Due to success of Meatless Monday and proactive management in the cafeteria, we will hopefully welcome a new vegetarian section to open up during Earth Week which plans to remain at ISB afterwards. It is also likely to offer organic, but that isn’t confirmed yet.
  • “Follow-me Printing”, you print as normal from your computer, then go to a printer, and tap your ID card, the job will automatically come out. With our trial in the Middle School there was a significant reduction in uncollected paper.

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