Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Students 4 Change - Carrotmob Style

ISB students have made many eco changes over the past 6+ years. Last year we came together to form a mob... a Carrotmob in fact. That group was open to anyone in Thailand & grew to 8000+ members wanting to ban plastic bags. 1397 members showed up to at Villa supermarket to support their move to ban plastic bags!

From that success, we want to spread the Carrotmob concept to other schools. This group is specifically designed for students in Thailand (International and Thai) to create change in their community. We also welcome teachers, school staff, parents and/or community member who want to make positive changes towards a more sustainable and/or socially responsible world.

The Carrotmob concept is awesome and it works! In short, you build a crowd; that's the mob. We build the mob using Facebook and Twitter. Together the mob has consumer power and we help support businesses to make eco friendly changes; this is using the carrot instead of the stick. No protests, boycotts or negative behavior; it's win - win for everyone. At Villa we banned plastic bags, but we could also help restaurants support organic farmers, or help a store use energy saving devices, or biodegradable containers. The opportunities are endless. Usually the businesses are put into a competition (but not always), and the winner gets the mob. By that, I mean the mob shows up on a chosen day to support the winner simply by shopping there.

What do you have to do to help?
The beauty of the Carrotmob is you don't do much to be effective.
• 1st - Join "Students 4 Change"
• 2nd - Use FB, Twitter, and your voice to spread the message to your friends and family in Thailand. The more members we have the more effective it is.
• 3rd - When a winner is chosen and a day is set, just show up and shop!

That's it! There are a lot of International & Thai Schools in Thailand. Imagine if we are all connected for common causes. Together we can make a lot happen.

Our next event is called "ISB EARTH WEEK CARROTMOB" and it is happening on April 29, 2011. If you live near ISB we would love for you to attend. Unfortunately, you cannot see the event on FB unless you join the group. Then the event 'should' be on the right side of the page.

Are you confused?
  • Students 4 Change - is the 'mother' group and can be used for all kinds of events to create changes for sustainability. Any school or group can use this audience to announce their event. It might be a big event in Bangkok that we want all members to attend.
  • ISB Earth Week Carrotmob - is a sub group of people in the ISB area ready to support the first event. Once this event is over, this group will also be over, but not the 'mother' group.

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