Thursday, April 9, 2009

Earth Week 2009

Earth Week is coming! This year we have scaled it back and simplified the activities due to some unforeseen events. However, it will still be interactive and effective. We have prizes to be won from a raffle and the only way to get tickets for the raffle is to participate. Each time you participate you get a ticket, thus, the more you participate, the more you increase your chances of winning.

Events 1-6 will occur each day during Earth Week (April 20-24)

1. Burn Calories; Not Oil

a. Walk, ride bike or take any way to school that does not burn oil.

b. We will have people waiting at all 3 gates. See them to get your ticket.

2. BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle (water bottle that is).

a. Bring your own reusable water bottle each day. Come to the Green Panthers table set up in the cafeteria. Show us the bottle and get a ticket. Use a Green Panther water bottle and get two tickets.

3. Food For Thought:

a. Eat only vegetarian or organic food each day and get a ticket.

4. Buy a Tree

a. Each tree cost 40 baht. Green Panthers and others will plant trees on May 2nd in a location 3 hours south of Bangkok.

b. Each tree you buy is worth 2 tickets.

c. Sign up to join us too if you want.

5. Prove it to the planet

a. Take our list of things to try at home to help the planet. Prove to us that you did it and get a ticket. List will be on our table in the cafeteria during Earth Week.

b. Maybe you can prove it by taking a picture or video with your phone or camera. Please don’t print. Remember it has to be proof.

6. Super Shopper

a. Show us what you buy. If the products are eco friendly get a ticket. For example;

b. Shampoo that is not tested on animals, pencil made from recycled paper, solar charger for phone, organic products, phosphate free laundry detergent, non-toxic cleaning product; eco friendly paper, bring it all in a reusable eco bag and wear an organic shirt.

Reuse – Items to be donated to charity. (Tuesday, April 21st)

o Look through all that ‘junk’, see what you don’t need that might be more useful to someone else. Donate it to a charity.

o Sections will be set up in front near school drop off point for easy off loading.

§ Clothes

§ Toys

§ Books

§ Games

§ Sports equipment

o Note – You can actually donate all week, but we will only be there to give tickets on Tuesday.

Recycle – Wednesday April 22nd only (Earth Day).

o Bring in items to recycle. 1 ticket per bundle of items. 10 tickets maximum.

o Recycling bins will be brought to front of school near main office.

§ Plastic bottles (no glass)

§ Cans

§ Aluminum tabs

§ Newspapers

§ Magazines

§ Batteries

§ Tetra Pak (Juice boxes). Yes, we are recycling these again.

§ Printer cartridges

§ Cell phones and cell phone batteries

Eco Bag Eco-mmercial

Video about the harmful effects of plastic bags. It should promote using Central eco bags instead of plastic bags.
a. All entries will receive 1 ticket.
b. Winner will receive 5 tickets, plus win 5000 baht gift voucher at Central.
c. Video will play at Central Chaengwattana for 1 month.
d. Contest details required by Central so follow closely:
  • Video must be 60 seconds or less.
  • Must show Central logo at some point.
  • Must promote the Central eco bag. (This bag can also be used as a savings card)
  • More details on
e. Videos due to Mr. Dyke by April 20th. Winner picked on 22nd.

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