Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a month!!

Why has April been a good month for the environment at ISB?

Well, April 22 is Earth Day all over the world and plenty of people will do something for the planet. However, a lot will happen at ISB this week.

  1. We have a month long 'Power Down' event to save energy at school.
  2. April 20-24th we will celebrate Earth Week with several events
  3. ISB will install a 48 inch, energy efficient flat screen TV in the cafeteria to display photos, videos, and events about ISB students taking action for several global issues, such as poverty, environment, and education for all.
  4. We are planning a tree planting trip to offset carbon emissions from our school flights. Ok, this is actually on May 2, but you get the point.
  5. Biggest News... ISB is taking major steps to reduce its energy usage. The school has just announced in will retrofit the building to change to more efficient lights and air con.
In a statment from the director, ISB will
"reduce CO2 emissions by 850,000 Kg per year
(this is about 30% of the total amount of CO2 produced at School)
We’ll increase quality of life and comfort. We’ll reduce the negative effects of CO2 on the planet. Last, but not least, we’ll save money in the long run. With a net investment of about 37 Million Baht, we estimate to save about 5 Million Baht a year. This means that the investment is paid back in about 7.5 years."

This is exciting news and reason to celebrate.

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