Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Power Down... Money Up

Students can earn money and help the planet.

a. All over the school we want you to ‘Power Down’ and save energy. This doesn’t mean learning in the dark; it simply means not being wasteful and save where appropriate.
  1. Use the windows for most of your light.
  2. Use AC as much as needed; but not more. And make sure door is closed.
  3. Don’t leave computers, AC, and lights on when no one is using it.
b. Electricity bill of April 2008 (approx. 1,300,000 baht) will be compared with April 2009.

c. All the money (electricity) you save in April 2009 will be used for the Power Down grand prize. Therefore, the more electricity you save the more money there is to be won.

d. Groups can enter a charity, school club, or worthy cause into the grand prize contest. The winners will be drawn out of a hat. If that group is picked the money will go towards their cause. Group examples:
  • Charity – WWF, Elephant Nature Park, Operation Smile.
  • School club – Dance team, GIN, Helping Paws, Green Panthers, etc.
  • Cause – Any worthy cause you can think of, such as money for school project.
e. All groups MUST register with Ms. Tananone in Activities Office before April 22.

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